Friday, 6 April 2007

third time's the charm.

Unlike all other failed attempts, this one's the real deal.

Call it what you will, a shameless attempt at self-publicity, a shameless attempt at getting a twice-weekly column in the Guardian G2, a shameless but cute site featuring pictures of puppies and kitties, Brodacious is up and lively, like the Brodster on Red-Bull.

(I've started drinking Red-Bull occasionally after reading that my favourite comedian, Sarah Silverman, drinks it. Perhaps I believed it would up my productivity of hilarity. Has it worked? Well, I started a blog.)

Iran released the fifteen captive British sailors this week with rather too many smiles all around. Mr Ahmedinejad increasingly resembles no one so much as Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch. (Put the pearly whites away please, you're just making the Brits feel worse). In any case, I've really enjoyed the media's coverage of the hostage situation. "Tehran releases our 15 sailors... but not before humiliating them one last time by parading them in front of Iranian television cameras!"

Last time I checked, "parading" involved walking around in some sort of cartoon character costume, not standing there and grinning and hi-fiving like a Sandals advert. What exactly were the means of coercion that led to such happy snaps?: "Now we bring to you new torture! It is called 'plate of kebabs and traditional folk dance!'"

Oh yeah, and I'm glad they're home safe and stuff.


I got a flyer from the Jehovah's witnesses through my door the other day, which helpfully informs me that "Jesus Christ is widely recognized as the greatest man who ever lived." (Yes! Beating out MLK and Ben Stiller!) It continues: "He gave his life for us 1,974 years ago, being killed in a most painful manner." (I know! I stubbed my toe the other day and it was most painful!) It also had some thought-provoking questions on the reverse, such as:

Who really was Jesus?
What does his death have to do with our everlasting welfare?
What is the ransom that Jesus spoke about, and why do we need to know?

which I think are greatly improved by a few simple changes

Uh, who really was "Jesus" anyway?
What does his death have to do with our everlasting welfare?
WTF is the ransom that "Jesus" spoke about, and why do we need to know?

Imagine Shannon Doherty saying it.

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