Thursday, 17 May 2007

Latest News! Terrorist attack London by travelling back in time to WWII!

This came up as I used the TFL Journey Planner website to find out how to get to my gig in Bethnal Green yesterday:

"ROMAN ROAD: Routes 8 and N8 are not serving Roman Road between Bethnal Green Station and Grove Road and route D6 is diverted in both directions between Cambridge Heath Road at Old Ford Road and Mile End Station due to the discovery of an unexploded WWII bomb at the junction with Bonner Street."

That's amazing.

Dear Mr Blair: While you say that Britain is the greatest nation on earth, you do realize this is like, totally a Third World country, right? The pound may be the strongest currency in the world but there are bombs under our feet, nothing works, water turns off, rats are everywhere and when I tried to get to Ladbroke Grove last night a twenty minute journey took me an hour and a half.

The only difference between London and that horrific post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo in Akira where yobs and giant monsters roam the streets freely is, uh, there's a river of garbage running through London.

Gotta love it.


I did the gig in Bethnal Green for three people last night. There were more comics than there were audience members, but we had a blast. Rick, the compere bought them a round of drinks, we chatted, did some material, it was basically like a party where you get to talk about yourself lots (so, not that different to most parties, then).

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Small audiences can be a blessing, sometimes a curse, sounds like a blast.