Friday, 18 May 2007

Ooh, the ire!

Ann Coulter is my favourite comedian, but she needs to work on her delivery a little bit.

"Jerry Falwell was a perfected Christian. He exuded Christian love for all men, hating sin while loving sinners. This is as opposed to liberals, who just love sinners. Like Christ ministering to prostitutes, Falwell regularly left the safe confines of his church to show up in such benighted venues as CNN."

Seriously, how can anyone take that seriously? The comparison, if I have this right, is between Jesus ministering to prostitutes, and uh, Falwell sitting in a dressing room at a major television studio surrounded by the boxes of KFC and bottles of Babycham stipulated in his rider.

God she's ugly


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

She is also mental and the best wind-up merchent on the planet.

Nothing is sacred, she has no basis in reality and is thus indestructable.

Naadir said...

Coulter as comedian. That LOLed me out.

Check out this little essay on conservatives and parody.

"The liberal parodist, by contrast, has no need to project content onto the conservative. Whatever "hidden" content there may be is "hidden" in plain sight. Only a minor twist is needed to make a statement ridiculous, and sometimes not even that. This is because within the liberal frame, the conservative is already a parody of himself -- so strictly speaking, Stephen Colbert is not "parodying" Bill O'Reilly; he is simply imitating O'Reilly's parody of himself."