Tuesday, 31 July 2007


I was at The Good Ship in Kilburn last night, which is turning into a really ace comedy venue, by the way, and I was doing a longer set to support Mark Allen's Edinburgh Preview. It's nice to have the freedom of a 20 minute set so I added some new material, one longish story about Chinese superstitions, and one very bizarre story that I made up on the bus ride to the venue about the Kate Bush song "Wuthering Heights," the Emily Bronte novel Wuthering Heights, and zombies.

It went pretty well, but I think that particular odd story required a bit less 'isn't this funny, my imagination is so witty and weird and clever' and a bit more, uh, jokes. It does end with me accusing Kate Bush of being into occultish sexual practices, though, so I think everyone wins.

Hmmmm... what else? I have finished Harry Potter and now am in between novels, so I'm reading essays and short stories because that's really all I can stomach - isn't it funny that somehow Foucault is more concise than JK Rowling? So yes, Foucault, also Consider the Lobster: Essays by David Foster Wallace, and No One Belongs Here More Than You by my favourite performance artist-cum-film-maker, Miranda July.

I recommend all, except for Foucault, who I am only name-dropping so you don't think I'm stupid and only read Harry Potter.

Friday, 27 July 2007

some more press

For my show:

Camden New Journal

The Londonist

I love local media. I was on the bus, having escaped the pouring rain to be steamed out of my clothes, and this lady pulled out a copy of the Camden New Journal and opened it to a full page photo of me! What do you do in those situations? Say, 'that's me, you know.' Or, just say nothing? I said nothing, but part of me presumptuously thinks, well, maybe that lady's day would have been made that little bit brighter had I said something, but then I'm totally disgusted with myself for thinking something that arrogant and I go back to making collages (it's for the show).

Some stuff the show might have, but in text form:

But mostly not. It's basically a sweet and funny story about an adopted kid who discovers he has superpowers, goes off to find his real parents, doesn't, but then decides to go to Tokyo, which, in the future (did I mention it's the future) has turned into a dystopian wasteland overseen by the omnipresent Halo Kiti. He goes thinking he'll use his super powers to fight monsters and roving gangs of nihilistic looters, but instead, he meets a girl who also has special powers, and together, they find a way to save Tokyo.

Monday, 16 July 2007

a good review

An update is in the works. I have been writing a lot lately and I'm sure that some of it could find it's way onto these pages. In the meantime, please take a look at this review from a gig in Newbury a few weeks ago: Newbury Today ¦ Final heat for comedy hopefuls

'Coolest comic'! Not bad, eh? Almost makes it worth the £10 train fare to Newbury! I also wish the so-called 'title' of Coolest Comic came with a gold statue or a badge or some cash or something.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

the weekend

Early Friday morning a car bomb was found, abandoned, with the remote detonator still inside, outside a nightclub in Haymarket. Apparently it was loaded with nails and gas cannisters, fully visible from the outside. The presence of the mobile phone remote detonator would suggest that perhaps the bomber lost his nerve and ran away. A manhunt (love that phrase, we haven't had a really good one since the OJ days) is underway to find the bombers.

Apparently the car, a grey Mercedes, natch, was given a parking ticket during the night.

It would be, parked right outside the doors of Tiger Tiger, crashed into some bins. But what exactly was that parking attendant thinking when he wrote up a violation for a car with a highly visible bomb in the backseat (and, one would assume for comedy value, also ticking away)?

In my warped imagination, I love the possibility that perhaps this vigilante parking attendant saw the bomb and decided to fight terrorism the best way he knew how.

Take that, terrorists!

EDIT: It just keeps getting worse: http://www.guardian.co.uk/terrorism/story/0,,2115693,00.html

Man, Gordie Brown's having a bad first week.