Friday, 27 July 2007

some more press

For my show:

Camden New Journal

The Londonist

I love local media. I was on the bus, having escaped the pouring rain to be steamed out of my clothes, and this lady pulled out a copy of the Camden New Journal and opened it to a full page photo of me! What do you do in those situations? Say, 'that's me, you know.' Or, just say nothing? I said nothing, but part of me presumptuously thinks, well, maybe that lady's day would have been made that little bit brighter had I said something, but then I'm totally disgusted with myself for thinking something that arrogant and I go back to making collages (it's for the show).

Some stuff the show might have, but in text form:

But mostly not. It's basically a sweet and funny story about an adopted kid who discovers he has superpowers, goes off to find his real parents, doesn't, but then decides to go to Tokyo, which, in the future (did I mention it's the future) has turned into a dystopian wasteland overseen by the omnipresent Halo Kiti. He goes thinking he'll use his super powers to fight monsters and roving gangs of nihilistic looters, but instead, he meets a girl who also has special powers, and together, they find a way to save Tokyo.

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