Sunday, 1 July 2007

the weekend

Early Friday morning a car bomb was found, abandoned, with the remote detonator still inside, outside a nightclub in Haymarket. Apparently it was loaded with nails and gas cannisters, fully visible from the outside. The presence of the mobile phone remote detonator would suggest that perhaps the bomber lost his nerve and ran away. A manhunt (love that phrase, we haven't had a really good one since the OJ days) is underway to find the bombers.

Apparently the car, a grey Mercedes, natch, was given a parking ticket during the night.

It would be, parked right outside the doors of Tiger Tiger, crashed into some bins. But what exactly was that parking attendant thinking when he wrote up a violation for a car with a highly visible bomb in the backseat (and, one would assume for comedy value, also ticking away)?

In my warped imagination, I love the possibility that perhaps this vigilante parking attendant saw the bomb and decided to fight terrorism the best way he knew how.

Take that, terrorists!

EDIT: It just keeps getting worse:,,2115693,00.html

Man, Gordie Brown's having a bad first week.


Broderick said...

I mean, they're something like 50 quid these days, aren't they! And all traffic wardens have some kind of superhero complex...

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

And now Glasgow.


We are at war...