Friday, 24 August 2007

Akira California: the first night

AC is running now, and I had the first show last night. It was a very simple day, comparatively, with tech running very smoothly and an hour under schedule (my tech is fairly simple but also Charlie is a star).

I had a nice crowd for what was actually a very slow day for the Camden Fringe. I find flyering in Camden very difficult because unlike Edinburgh, performance isn't the main reason tourists come to Camden. And also, when you ask people to come to your show in the afternoon, and your show isn't til nine, you're asking them to stay in a one mile radius for six hours - and really, there's only so many times you can pace down the same high street, only so many times the same drug dealer can say 'skunk... weed... skunk' to you.

Audience reaction was very positive, had some good feedback about upping the energy in the middle section, which has been lagging, and somehow I've been avoiding slightly because of the amount of exposition in it. But a number of audience members left saying they felt all warm after - and Rick said he had goosebumps at the ending. Woo!

I like the fact that the show is making a connection with people - I talked to four strangers in the bar later for 20 minutes about the show, and it's really the first time that that has been so easy and not awkward. There's something about comedy (the comedy I'm interested in, at least) that makes people feel comfortable connecting with others, that isn't there for traditional theatre, musicals, etc.

I ate dinner last night at a small restaurant called The New Culture Revolution that specializes in dumplings in soup - it was wonderful, but sadly the Camden branch closes down this Sunday.


Rick said...

Firstly - Great show!
(Great soundtrack)

Secondly - Dumplings in soup? thats a Jewy thing, mainly in chicken soup! It sounds interesting though!

Madam Miaow said...

I really like your whole vibe. It's very listenable.

I loved the premise of the show and the different elements - a witty use of Dylan's cue cards - but maybe you can beef up the throughline.

The Etcetera is a sweet little venue, perfect for the intimacy of your show.

Any plans for the next stage?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

How come we didn't meet up in Scotland?


Hope you're well.