Thursday, 27 September 2007

Nothing but surprises!

Sometimes the world can still surprise you. I've been listening to Radio 4 all day, as I do fairly often (while I'm writing, the gentle chatter makes me feel like I'm in a beautiful Viennese cafe at the turn of the century - or maybe it just keeps away the existential horror of 'what am I doing with my life?'). It's two-o-clock and I'm listening to The Archers, as I do, fairly often. For those of you who (the three of you - if that) who aren't familiar with The Archers, it's a fairly innocent radio drama about people who own farms and stuff. Mostly old people listen to it. (As well as Chinese-Canadian comedy writers and wannabe academics with short attention spans.)

But why is there a RAPE STORY on The Archers?

It's like it's Law and Order: SVU all of a sudden. This is a show played at 2 PM. I understand that they've been running it for fifty years, but... why?

Oh god... they've just used the words 'she was asking for it...'

Oh my god...

(hides under desk)

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