Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Dead Fox

There was a dead fox outside my house today. Well, across the street, but practically in front of my house. It was quite a shock. There I was, out for a morning run (I make it sound as if I do it all the time, but really it was just an excuse to get out in the fresh air and sunshine), and there he was, poor dead fox.

I didn't get too close - I have a horror of death, which comes from having seen too many horror films, and I was afraid if I got too close it would come back to life and bite me, and I'd become some kind of fox/zombie, wandering my nights trying to break into chicken coops, which isn't really how imagined I'd spend my life. But it was quite clear to me that this wasn't roadkill, it had just died. It wasn't on the road, it was on the pavement. It was in pretty good shape, not squished, just laying peacefully on its side. Like it was asleep.

Had Mr. Fox said "fuck, the Conservatives are winning, better get out of the game now" and taken an overdose of slug pellets? Had it been some kind of murder/suicide pact? Did he just get really sad one day? It's all rather creepy. Animals generally hide away when they know they're going to die, so a large fox in the middle of the pavement is a queer thing indeed.

Looking out the window as I write this, I see the fox has been taken away. By who, I wonder? All that's left is a dark shadow on the pavement as the undead fox has risen again to haunt the streets of London.


Christopher Patrick Murray said...

During one of my last weeks in Toronto I saw a dead raccoon. A big fat one lying down face first, half on the sidewalk and half on the road. Its little arms were out in front of it like it was trying to break its fall. Its body wasn't damaged or anything though. Looked pretty peaceful. I'm trying to think of an eastern Canada equivalent of Boris Johnson's being elected mayor that might have made the raccoon decide to end its life, but perhaps it was forshadowing. Animals are hyper sensitive to approaching disasters.

Broderick said...

Or maybe they just get bored of being animals... "aw, being a fox is RUBBISH."

Christopher Patrick Murray said...

Or, in the case of the fox, maybe it was an angry young teenager that grew up berated with stories and images of the fox genocide (still taking place in the U.K through the twentieth century). It began to side with the dogs and became a self-hating fox.